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If you would like to enjoy a great relaxation time, whether alone or with company, in a great Yogyakarta Spa, than our Yogyakarta Spa services is definitely a great choice. Staffed with only professionals that understand the meaning of the word pampering, this is a Yogyakarta Spa of a Yogyakarta Hotel that always know what you are after. Moreover, work out a fun sweat with our Fitness services, a great Yogyakarta Fitness facility that you can always depend on for a great Yogyakarta fitness experience!

Swimming Pool

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Best enjoyed with families or friends, although it is also good to be enjoyed by your lonesome, our pool is a fantastic alternative that you can pick to soothe away all the aching muscles and pains caused by your busy days and just relax in the sparkling clean water. A great choice for whenever you want to disconnect a little and enjoy moments filled with a peace of mind.

Fitness Center

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Featuring a collection of up-to-date fitness facilities and equipments and maintained with a team of fitness professionals to take care of your every fitness whims, our fitness center is a fantastic choice to pick for whenever you want to enjoy a great fitness session to refresh your body, spirit, and mind.


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When it is time to relax, our Spa facility and services is the best place that you just want to be in. Featuring a host of professional spa staff that understands what it takes to allow you enjoy the moment and a variety of attractive packages that you can enjoy, our spa services is the perfect venue for escape into a land of relaxation.